The Emergency Medicine Learning and Resource Center (EMLRC) is proud to provide this online educational portal (EMLRC Online) for the Emergency Medical Services' Community.

Program Scope and Use
EMLRC Online is designed to be a continuing education tool to help providers enhance their EMS knowledge and know-how so as to improve the overall care that patients receive in the field. The lessons are self-study and self-paced.  EMLRC Online is not intended to be a sole source of education.

1. Sign Up or Login to Access Courses

2. Review Available Courses and Join Desired Course

3. Review the Course Learning Objectives

4. Take the Course Pre-Test (if necessary)

5. Watch the Course Educational Video

6. Pass the Course Post-Test

7. Complete the Self-Assessment Evaluation

8. Access and Print your Course Certificate

9. Repeat to Take Additional Courses

Continuing Education Accreditation
Paramedics and EMTs - The Emergency Medicine Learning & Resource Center (EMLRC) is accredited by the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of EMS and the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS).

Nurses - The Emergency Medicine Learning & Resource Center (EMLRC) is approved as a provider of nursing education by the Florida Board of Nursing, Provider #2731.

Physicians - The Emergency Medicine Learning & Resource Center (EMLRC) is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to sponsor continuing medical education for physicians, Provider #0006010.

Program Disclaimer
The Emergency Medicine Learning & Resource Center reserves the right to change faculty/topics as circumstances arise.

Minimum System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems
• Windows 7 (recommended), Windows XP (service pack 3 for 32-bit, service pack 2 for 64-bit), also
• MAC OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and higher is supported for most online course materials, but there
  may be applications that require a supported Windows Operating System. You should be prepared to
  run a virtual machine environment such as Parallels desktop, vmWare fusion, Oracle VirtualBox with
  an installed and supported Windows Operating System (as mentioned above) if you elect to use a

Administrative Rights
We highly recommend that you have administrative rights to the computer used for college coursework. If you must use a computer over which you do not have administrative rights (such as a library computer or a workplace computer), you may experience difficulties with needed functions, such as installing plug-ins. Students using library or workplace computers will have limited support options due to access limitations on such networks. Check with your workplace IT department to ensure that you may access course materials from your company’s network.

Internet Access
Internet access is required for participation.

Email Account
A valid email address, which is checked frequently, is required for participation in components of your coursework.

Supported Internet Browsers
The following are supported browsers. Major releases of browsers are generally supported within 60-90 days of their public release date. Due to the rapid release cycles of some supported Internet browsers, the two latest releases of each browser are supported. When using older versions of a browser, users risk running into problems with the course software.
• Windows OS Users
  ◦ Microsoft Internet Explorer
  ◦ Google Chrome
  ◦ Mozilla Firefox
  ◦ Apple Safari
• Mac OS Users
  ◦ Apple Safari
  ◦ Google Chrome
  ◦ Mozilla Firefox
Internet Browsers not mentioned above are NOT currently supported and may not meet all requirements of your coursework.

Internet Browser Settings
Please refer to your browser's Help features to check these settings.
• Pop-Up Blocker should be disabled
• Java Script should be enabled
• Java should be enabled
• Cookies should be enabled

The most recent version of the following plug-ins are required for many of the resources available in your online courses:
• Adobe Acrobat Reader
All plug-ins needed to participate in components of your online classes are available at no additional cost. It is recommended that you review the list of plug-ins and install them prior to beginning your coursework.

Screen Settings
Your screen resolution (size) should be set at minimum 1024 x 768 or higher.

Operations are not guaranteed, even on computers fulfilling the above system requirements.


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